A box of Lies

My 500 Word Entry!!!

t stands there, everyday, painted in all its finery. The gold armor gleaming in the blistering heat. My feet dragged endlessly. I’m always bored. Until I was of age (ten) I could not work, leaving not much else to do. The most and only enjoyable thing in this concrete enclosed box is stories. Stories of how we were ravaged by war, until the angel offered us peace, so our elders agreed, and abruptly, a thick, concrete wall sprout from the ground and grew further than the sky. The angel melded into the wall, as a sign of continuous protection. But I wanted more than tales, I wanted real. Mama is twenty-eight now, and is just two years away from her deathday. She had always wanted to see the outside world; soon it would be too late. I consumed myself with rage, and threw rock after rock at the barrier between me and the world, until eventually there was a fracture. It was small, but visible. Too visible. Eventually I realised there was a sort of, black light radiating from it. An unearthly light, one of malevolence and desolation. Then I heard it, screams, rattling through my body and reverberating around my skull, giving me a loathsome headache. The light was spreading quickly, and the noise was becoming deafening and, and…The crack was getting bigger! It was opening, getting wider and wider. But not just that, it was becoming longer, seemingly heading towards the statue. The statue! Using all the might in my body, I sprinted desperately over to it, and in front of me lay a vast mound of dust. Wait no…I sifted it through my grubby hands; it felt like grit and cement… Just then a thin crust of the beautiful gold leg piece fell off. Beneath it was shinning black armour. I noticed a new hue appearing in my spectrum. Red. Looking up I saw a red glow coming from two outlets in the armor. His eyes. So much for that golden angel. Bit by bit the concrete flaked off, and in its place a magnificent, hulky knight donned in black armor.As I glanced around, I saw the eerie lights had gone all the way to skies, causing mist and rainclouds to appear. There was a rumble, and immediately my eyes were fixed upon the strange figure once again. Mechanically the left leg ripped itself of the wall and landed with a thud on the grass in front of it so forcefully the impact of it made plant pots fall over, and furniture wobble violently. Then the rest of the body followed, towering over me, along with a deep, echoing voice.
“You have disobeyed our agreement! The wall is cracked, and I can no longer drain your feeble life force. Your Protection is disbanded, you will all die!” It pulled a sword from its belt, and abruptly the wall fell back from whence it came, behind it lay a wasteland of death and destruction. What had I done?


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