PREDATOR: (very) Short Story

Perspiration dripped down his neck, cooling the boiling skin, the armour lay heavy upon his body, and the spear he held covered in sweat. His legs ached and the pounding headache echoed around his skull, but he rather that than getting caught by the Shadow. A twig snapped nearby, once again he broke into a sprint, followed by diving into the bristly undergrowth. He placed the spear lightly on the ground, drew his sword, and prepared himself the imminent attack. Abruptly a black-cloaked ghostly figure leaped out of hiding and pushed the sword aside, then, looking down upon his victim, viciously tore out his screaming throat…


3 thoughts on “PREDATOR: (very) Short Story

  1. wow this was a great post! Your command over the language is so good! I am new to writing and i was hoping you could give my blog a quick look and tell me what you think? It would be very helpful xx


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