Poems: volume 4. Sonnet special


Fear is a feeling that no-one likes to have,
we all think it’s horrible, and pointless,
but it is both good and bad.
Fear is completely harmless,
in fact it makes you faster, stronger,
It gets you ready to fight.
But when the fear lasts longer,
It makes you want to turn on the light.
Fear is pure imagination,
that cannot be controlled.
Yet many feel elation,
when no surprises it beholds.
So remember, although fear may lie,
it may just keep you alive.


My love of writing, I cannot describe.
It fills me up with energy, bouncing all around.
putting pen to paper, really makes me feel alive.
To making up my stories, I am completely bound.
It begins with ideas, bursting out my head.
Sometimes they are random.
Sometimes they are linked.
But my plan and my writing are always in tandem.
I love it when my story is finished and perfect,
and people start to read.
That is a moment I will never forget.
And for that moment I shall always plead.
I will always write, lest I forget,
that this precious moment, really is the best.


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