Poems: Volume 5

A GHOSTLY FACE Alone in the woods, or alone you should be. When there’s a face, in the darkness, a face you shouldn’t see. You stand there, just waiting, frozen with fear. A cold hand grabs you, but who’s, is unclear. WHAT ARE WE AFRAID OF? Is it vicious wars, huge, hairy arachnids. Destruction and … More Poems: Volume 5


Poems: Volume 3

STRANGE FEELINGS Fear is a very strange feeling, it will put you at the floor and kneeling. and when the monsters come, come to have their fun, they will find you on the floor just screaming! A SCYTHE OF REPRESENTATION The bloodied metal of the bloodied scythe, will kill all it can see. you wake … More Poems: Volume 3

Poems: volume 2

THE BLACK HAND TheĀ  black hand creeps towards me, I can see its claws. The black hand crawls towards me, hungry for more. The black hand creeps towards me, bearing its sharp talons. The black hand crawls towards me, ready to seize my very life force. THE ORPHAN IN THE MIST I was waiting at … More Poems: volume 2